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Orlando Spirits (located at http://www.orlandospirits.com) is an informational web site that reviews the availability and pricing of spirits (see Orlando Gin Prices, Orlando Tequila Prices, and Orlando Whiskey Prices) in the Orlando, Florida area.  This site contains tips and suggestions on how to obtain the best prices and products available in Orlando area wine stores and liquor stores.  (See Orlando Spirits' list of the best Orlando wine stores.)  Also included are the editor's personal opinions on various spirits and links to other sites the editor has found to be helpful. 

The opinions expressed on this site are the sole responsibility of this site's editor.  The editor of this site is a consumer and has no relationship to any company or product discussed on this site other than as a customer or consumer.  The editor of this site may be contacted by 


On 8/5/05, a federal court ruled that the Florida statute on out-of-state wine shipping was unconstitutional.  However, it  took until 2/21/06 for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to acknowledge that direct wine shipments from out-of-state wineries were legal and to issue guidance which has since been removed from their site.  Unfortunately, out-of-state direct wine shipments from wine stores to Florida is still not permitted.  The same anti-consumer groups (primarily distributors) that previously successfully made it a felony to ship wine into Florida are trying to restrict wine shipping to smaller wineries only.  Fortunately, the bills with the restrictions did not pass in 2006 through 2011; but the distributors are likely to keep trying.  Florida residents can use the Free the Grapes web site to contact their legislators to oppose such restrictions. 

Florida’s powerful wholesaler cartel is still trying to turn back the clock and eliminate wine direct shipping in Florida.  HB 837 was up for a vote on Friday, April 8, 2011, in the House Subcommittee on Government Operations Appropriations.  SB 854 was up for a vote on Tuesday, April 12, 2011, in the Senate Subcommittee on Commerce and Tourism.  Limitations include capacity caps, exclusions for wineries with wholesalers and many other onerous provisions.  Use the Free the Grapes web site to contact your legislators to oppose such restrictions. 

Florida has several micro-distilleries.  Check out the Orlando Sentinel article which mentions some of the distilleries:  Florida Farm Distillers (with its Palm Ridge Reserve Whiskey) in Umatilla, Fat Dog Spirits in Tampa (vodka and Nicholas Gin), Flagler Spirits (rum, vodka and whiskey) in Palm Coast, Empire Winery & Distillery (vodka and liqueurs) in New Port Richey, and Drum Circle Distilling (Siesta Key Rum) in Sarasota.  We found Palm Ridge Reserve Whiskey (which we were told was selling well) and Nicholas Gin at Orlando's Total Wine & More.  Unfortunately, you cannot buy spirits at the distillery, but need to find a local liquor store that carries them.
Sept. 2010 Update:  Total Wine & More now carries Flagler Spirits products.  For example, they carry Flagler Lightning Corn Whisky (100 proof) for $24.99 in 750ml bottles.  White whiskey is also known as white dog and this moonshine type of product has been experiencing some popularity of late.

New:  On 1/9/2011, The Orlando Sentinel ran a story called Cocktail capital New York City watering holes keep stirring things up which previously appeared in other Tribune newspapers.  The story was about places in New York City that serve drinks that are sometimes referred to as artisanal cocktails and which are created by mixologists.  We are as of yet unaware of any such Central Florida bars or restaurants which cater to cocktail enthusiasts at such a high level.  (There is a web site devoted to Central Florida bars which focuses primarily on downtown Orlando bars and clubs as well as those in the UCF area.)  So how do you know if you are in a real cocktail bar?  For one thing, if they use a commercial sour mix made from concentrate or powder, you are definitely not in one.  A very entertaining book by Jason Wilson, Boozehound, has a pretty good rule:  if the bar has bottles of a maraschino liqueur and Chartreuse, you are probably in an establishment that takes it cocktails seriously.

Zane Lamprey of Three Sheets fame brought his Drinking Made Easy Tour to Orlando on May 18, 2010.
Drinking Made Easy poster  Marc Ryan & Zane Lamprey

See Orlando Spirits' recommended wine stores on the Wine page.  Our favorite liquor stores (see the descriptions below):  Total Wine & More, Knightly Spirits, and B-21.  Our favorite beer store:  Knightly Spirits.


Web sites of wine and spirits stores in the Orlando area or that regularly deliver to Orlando:

One of the best wine stores in Orlando:
Most over-priced liquor store chain in Orlando:

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits  ABC is the dominant player in Orlando.  They have a number of large stores with a wide selection of both wine and spirits.  Their main weakness is relatively high prices on many spirits and too many missing products of note with their selection of spirits.  Their cookie cutter stores lack warmth (and hide too many of their better products behind counters where you can barely see them).  ABC's strength is their wine selection which is quite large and includes an excellent selection of premium wines which are often priced much lower than the competition (click here for an example).  You can check out their prices at their web site although the product database doesn't reflect sale prices and isn't always up-to-date selection-wise.  Be sure to click on their ABC Home link where you will sometimes find an ABC Flyer or ad which has liquor and wine specials and sometimes includes coupons.  Their free Advantage Buying Card used to get you a 10% discount on most wines on Mondays and Thursdays, but is now much less useful.  On their web site, ABC offers to beat all competitors' advertised prices.  However, prior to the opening of Total Wine & More in March 2007, no one else advertised liquor prices in Orlando other than ABC; so the guarantee didn't get you anything.  If you are going to be spending more than $150, you might want to compare the prices online with those at B-21.  Prior to the opening of Total Wine & More, we often shopped at ABC (particularly for wine) although we always tried to use a coupon when available and only bought wine there on Mondays or Thursdays.  Click here for the addresses of some ABC stores with a particularly good wine selection.  With the March 2007 opening of competitor Total Wine & More in Orlando, ABC's dominance in Central Florida is in jeopardy.  ABC's prices (especially on liquor) are just too high and Total Wine & More will steal away much of ABC's business if they don't change their pricing model and, so far, they haven't done so.  We checked about a dozen items from ABC's April 2007 sales flyer and found about half of the items to have the same price as Total Wine & More's regular price with the other half priced several dollars lower at Total Wine & More.  We couldn't find one sale item that was cheaper than the regular price at Total Wine & MoreABC does have a few things cheaper than Total Wine & More.  For example, their vintage port selection is both wider and better priced than what is found at Total Wine & MoreIn April 2011 we found some seemingly excellent prices on high-end Cognacs online (Martell Cordon Bleu at $79.99 and Martell XO Excellence at $99.99); however, an attempted online order showed both out-of-stock and the local ABC store did not carry them.  So the best deal we've found in ages at ABC turned out to be a phantom deal!
How to Shop at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits:
1. Get their free Advantage Buying Card and use it when you make purchases.  You will find the best deals on medium to higher-priced wines.  ABC does have a top-notch wine buyer and has a very nice selection in many areas including ports, German wines, better French wines, dessert wines, and more.
2. For most liquor and mass market wines, pick-up a copy of the Total Wine & More catalog when you go there and use it later to get a Competitive Ad Match price at your convenient local ABC store.  (You may be able to print prices from the Total Wine & More web site, but our local ABC says they are concerned about how easy it is to doctor such things.)

April 5, 2008 Update:  A new ABC store opened up across from the Target near the Oviedo Marketplace mall.
Sample Liquor Price (Dec. 2011):  Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac, $169.99 ($119.99 sale price through 12/5/11) (vs. $119.99 at B-21 and $159.99 at Total Wine!)
Sample Liquor Price (Dec. 2011):  Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, $128.99 (vs. $86.99 at Total Wine!)
Sample Liquor Price (Sept. 2010): Patron Silver Tequila (750 ml), $41.99
Sample Liquor Price (Sept. 2010): Corzo Silver Tequila, $46.99
Sample Liqueur Price (Sept. 2010): Cointreau (750 ml), $34.99
Sample Wine Price (Sept. 2010): Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages, $10.99
Sample Wine Price (Sept. 2010): Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $

Antonio's Wine & Spirits  The best thing about Antonio's, which is located on South Orlando Avenue (Hwy. 17-92) in Maitland, is the description on their web site.  It is impossible to shop for anything but overpriced wine in the dark and crammed aisles at Antonio's.  They have a restaurant at the same location which includes tables in the same area where all the liquor products are displayed.  The only way to peruse their selection would be to stand on the tables where the customers are eating!  It seems clear that Antonio's has given up on being a serious liquor store in favor of being a low-end cafe-style restaurant.  Their liquor prices are also very much on the high side.  Possibly the strangest liquor store you will ever see!  A big disappointment.
May 2007 Update:  We have received a report that Antonio's has repriced its wines to be a little more competitive with Total Wine & More (Example:  Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $13.49 at Antonio's).

Best liquor store in Florida:
B-21 Wine Company  B-21 is located on the far side of Tampa in Tarpon Springs, so why are they listed here?  That is because they offer free delivery to Orlando (Orange County) odd Tuesdays with a minimum $195 order.  They have both an excellent wine selection and a super spirits selection at very low prices.  In the past, we found many hard-to-find items such as George T. Stagg bourbon, Classic Cask 22 Year Old straight rye whiskey and Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Four Grain bourbon (such items do go in and out of stock due to limited availability).  They are much cheaper than Total Wine & More on selected items such as high-end Cognacs. B-21 also happens to be the best liquor store in the state of Florida.
Sample Liquor Price (April 2011):  Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac, $119.99 (vs. $159.99 at Total Wine & More)
Sample Liquor Price (April 2011):  Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, $89.99 (vs. $119.99 at
Total Wine & More)
Sample Liquor Price (Sept. 2010): Corzo Silver Tequila, $36.99
Sample Wine Price (Sept. 2010): 2009 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $11.99

Big C Liquors  They do not have their own web site; but with reviews like these on the beer rating site linked to here, they don't need one!  Located on the south side of University Blvd. just east of Goldenrod Road, Big C Liquors has 450 different beers in stock.  Their liquor selection is fair and somewhat overpriced (generally slightly higher than ABC), but does includes a sprinkling of gems (such as Partida tequilas [at lower prices than ABC], Frida Kahlo Blanco tequila, Tito's Homemade vodka and PAMA Pomegranate liqueur).  Big C Liquors has a very minimal wine selection.
Sample Liqueur Price (Feb. 2006): Cointreau (750 ml): $35.99 

Cavanaugh's Fine Wines  Cavanaugh's web site is under perpetual construction.  Cavanaugh's, which is located on Edgewater Drive in Orlando, has two rooms of wines and knowledgeable staff.  The front room has an excellent varied selection and looks especially strong in wines from Spain and Italy.  The back room has many higher-priced wines including an excellent selection of ports and dessert wines including full and half bottles of Chateau d'Yquem.  Picked up several bottles from the dessert wine section and was feeling good about Cavanaugh's until I got home and checked the prices on the Internet!  All were over-priced to some degree and one was vastly over-priced.  The 1998 Vigna del Papa Vin Santo del Chianti (500 ml) was priced at $55, but the same item is priced in the mid-$30s at a number of wine stores shown on the Internet (and we later found the same item for only $29.99 at the ABC at 399 N. Semoran Blvd.)!  Alvear's Amontillado Montilla (which is like Sherry) was $11.99 (B-21 prices it at $9.99 and even ABC prices it at $10.99).  Hardy's 2002 Botrytis Semillon (375 ml) was $20.99 which seems about $5 too high.  After this experience, I would be too gun shy to buy anything at Cavanaugh's unless I already knew what the price was elsewhere.  By the way, some old online reviews incorrectly show them closed on Saturdays.  They are open 11-6 on Saturdays, 11-7 weekdays, and are closed on Sunday.    
Sample Wine Price (Feb. 2006): 2005 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $16.99

Eola Wine Company  Eola Wine Company is located in downtown Orlando on East Central Blvd.  From their web site, they appear to primarily be a wine bar with with a retail selection for purchase of about 250 bottles.  They have a second location which opened in March 2006 on Park Avenue in Winter Park. 

Gran Cru  In business since 2001, they were voted as the best wine shop in Orlando in 2002 and 2003 by Orlando MagazineGran Cru is located in the Dr. Phillips area on West Sand Lake Road in Orlando.

Best Beer Store in Orlando:
One of the two best liquor stores in Orlando:

Knightly Spirits added their own web site (now with nearly unreadable light gray letters on a white background and without prices) in 2008.  Knightly Spirits (whose main location is now at 12975 South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837) stocks about 1000 brands of beer.  Their beer selection is extremely well thought out.  Knightly Spirits is one of the best beer stores you will ever find anywhere.  According to an article in the Spring 2006 issue of a quarterly publication named Drink published by Orlando Weekly, they are also known for their Scotch selection.  In our first visit to Knightly Spirits, we expected to find a wonderful beer selection and it was great!  However, we were surprised to find a phenomenal liquor selection as well!  There was an excellent selection of premium tequila, rum, bourbon, Irish whiskey, Scotch, gin, vodka, brandy, and numerous liqueurs.  Knightly Spirits carries many liquor products (such as Peruvian Pisco and Raki) not found elsewhere in Orlando and many high-end products not carried by other Orlando liquor stores.  Prices were higher than we would like on tequila (as much as $10 to $15 higher than Total Wine & More for the same items!), but were more competitive on gin and Irish whiskey.  Knightly Spirits is especially strong with brown spirits (scotch, bourbon, brandy, rum and more).  A later February 2007 visit found the following hard-to-find items in the store:  various Black Maple Hill bourbons, Wild Turkey Tribute Jimmy Russell's 50th Anniversary 15 year old bourbon, Bushmills Single Malt 21 year old Irish whiskey and The Macallan Fine Oak 15 year old Speyside Scotch whisky.  A June 2007 visit found items such as the unusual Wasmund's Single Malt Whisky from Virginia and Milago Tequila Romance at $129.99 ($30 less than at Pat's Liquor).  An April 2011 visit found an excellent selection of brandy (just right of the checkout area) including products not found elsewhere:  Germain-Robin Old Havana ($99.99), Carlos I  ($46.99), and Torres 10 Imperial ($22.99).  Knightly Spirits has a better selection in almost every liquor category than anyone else in Central Florida (except for Total Wine & More).  Not only the best beer store in Florida (and one of the best in the USA), Knightly Spirits also has one of the best liquor selections in the Orlando area.  Knightly Spirits' prices may be higher than Total Wine & More (and lower than those at Pat's Liquor), but it has many notable products that cannot be found anywhere else.  For many stock items, we shop at Total Wine & More; for quality and the wonderful liquor and beer selection, we shop at Knightly Spirits.  (One continuing annoyance about Knightly Spirits:  they consistently fail to provide an itemized list for your purchases unless you remember to ask for one.)
Sample Liqueur Price (Sept. 2010): Cointreau (750 ml): $36.99 (minus 7.00 or $29.99 due to temporary sale)
Sample Liquor Price (Sept. 2010): Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka: $19.99

One of the best liquor stores in Florida:
The Mansion:  The Cellars is located at 1218 E. New Haven Ave. in Melbourne, FL 32901 (which is in historic downtown Melbourne).  After dining at The Mansion restaurant (in August, 2013), we happened to walk into The Cellars right next to the restaurant and were shocked at what we found!  It was a liquor store with a great selection of beers, a decent wine selection, and a phenomenal liquor selection.  We bought 7 bottles of liquor, only one of which was available at Total Wine & More:  a bottle of Grand Marnier Titanium (priced at $38 which was $10 cheaper than it was priced at Total Wine & More).  We found a bottle of Germain-Robin Select Barrel XO brandy (priced at $115, which is a great price) which is normally unobtainable in Florida (and we bought their only bottle).  We also bought a number of unusual items (that they had multiple bottles of in stock) including the highly-rated Tapatio Blanco tequila, Byrrh Grand Quinquana, Dancing Pines Black Walnut Bourbon Liqueur, and Breckenridge Bitters.  Of course, these are unusual items, but they also had a wide selection of other products at competitive prices.  They stock many items that cannot be found in any other liquor store in the entire state!  If you find yourself in Melbourne (which is only about 70 miles from Orlando), you must stop by The Cellars at The Mansion.  You will find a large selection of well-priced liquors including many items you just can't get anywhere else in the state.  Unfortunately, this store is apparently a well-kept secret living in the shadow of its very popular restaurant.

 Pat's Liquor Leaf & Wine near UCF
A liquor store with one of the better product selections in Orlando (with very high prices often above normal retail):

Pat's Liquor Leaf & Wine  As of the start of 2008, Pat's Liquor has a new improved web site which includes hours of operation, but no product information yet.  The original Pat's Liquor is located near UCF just above McCullough at 4250 Alafaya Trail.  The newer store, in the Alafaya Square shopping center (at Alafaya Trail and Alafaya Woods Blvd., south of Mitchell Hammock Rd.) opened in October 2006.  Oddly, only the wine at Alafaya Square has prices shown.  The liquor bottles have neither price labels nor prices shown on the shelves, so the only way to find out the price is to ask the clerk at the front of the store.  Pat's has an excellent liquor selection and is particularly strong with its selection of tequila (one of the best selections in Orlando), Scotch whisky, bourbon, Irish whiskey and gin.  Pricing is not good with most items priced very much on the high side (Patron Silver tequila at $47, Tezon Blanco tequila at $62, Elijah Craig 12 Yr. old bourbon at $25) and some items priced better (Partida Silver tequila at $50, Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera Rum at $30).  There is also a very good beer selection.  In October 2006, the Alafaya Square store had coupons on its front counter that gave 10% off micro-brews on Monday, 10% off on wine on Tuesday, and 10% off whiskey on Wednesday. 
June 2007 Update:  Another visit to Pat's Liquor at their main location near UCF found a great selection of tequila (including the full Partida line, Los Arango Reposado and Anejo, Milago Tequila Romance at $159.99, the full line of Tres Rios, Gran Patron Blanco, Don Julio Real (behind the counter), El Conde Azul Blanco, Reserva del Senor Silver and many more) and some very hard-to-find bourbon bottles (George T. Stagg Ltd. Ed. Fall 2006 140.6 Proof and Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Four Grain).  However, prices are on the high side.  In fact, the couple checking out before us decided not to buy two bottles when they found out the price.  It is difficult to price items at Pat's Liquor since many items on the shelf are not marked.  The store is quite cluttered and many items on the shelves are covered with dust.  When checking out, we were given a receipt that just showed a total; so we had to ask for an itemized list.  One of the items we bought was a six pack of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen beer dated December 2006 which was priced at $8.99 (which is $7.99 at Total Wine & More).  Interestingly, the six pack on the shelf behind the one we bought was dated October 2006, so it appears that the staff doesn't properly rotate the stock.  We also bought a bottle of Pimm's for $25.99 which turned out to be vastly overpriced (it is only $18.29 at Total Wine & More and $20.99 at Knightly Spirits).  If you are looking for unusual and hard-to-find items, Pat's Liquor is a great place to shop if you don't mind prices on the very high side (which seems crazy now that Total Wine & More is in town).  We do wish Pat's Liquor would post prices on the shelf or on the bottles and would also clean the place up.  There's really no reason to shop here unless you want one of the items no one else in town has in stock.  (However, in Nov. 2007 we did find a bottle of the wonderful new St. Germain elderflower liqueur here at a reasonable $31.99, the same price we found it at Knightly Spirits).  In September 2008, we did see one bottle of the 2007 release of George T. Stagg bourbon still on the shelves.

Pierre's Wine Cellar  This wine store in Heathrow has been in business for a number of years.  Voted best wine store in Orlando in 2005 by Orlando Magazine.
Available discounts:  Pierre's regularly offers what they call Insiders' Offering discounts in their e-mail newsletter. 

The Sanford Wine Company  This store is located in the historic art district of downtown Sanford.

One of the best wine stores in Orlando:
Tim's Wine Market  In business since 1995, Tim's is the leading wine store in Orlando.  According to their web site, they sold almost 130,000 bottles of wine in 2005!  They were selected as Best Wine Shop by the readers of Orlando Weekly in 2005.  Visiting Tim's, which is located in the antique district on North Orange Avenue in Orlando, requires parking on the street nearby.  Many selections are priced from $12 to $20 although there are a number of higher-priced items as well.  Reds are displayed in the first room with whites, sparkling wines, fortified wines, and dessert wines found in the adjoining room.  Most bottles are displayed standing up on heavy duty shelving.  This does not appear to be a problem as there is fast turnover with no dusty bottles to be found.  There are no price labels stuck to the bottles either as prices are shown on shelf labels.  In the few cases where there is no shelf label, the very knowledgeable staff can quickly find the price.  Also, no crammed aisles here as all wine is displayed along the walls.  There is a wide selection in most categories.  There is virtually no overlap with anything you would find in the wine aisle of your local grocery store.  Tim's seems to do a big by-the-case business.  Prices are competitive with all wines priced in whole dollar amounts before case discounts are applied.  A wonderful wine store.
News:  Tim's has opened several additional locations in Central Florida including stores in Sanford and Oviedo.
Sample Wine Price (Feb. 2006): 2005 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $17.00 (and was temporarily priced at $15.30 in a 10%-off sale in late Jan./early Feb. 2006)

Total Wine & More Colonial Plaza Total Wine & More Millenia Plaza
The lowest prices on wine, liquor and beer in Orlando:
One of the best wine stores in Orlando:
One of the two best liquor stores in Orlando:
Total Wine & More
News:  The Total Wine & More at Millenia Plaza is the single best liquor store in Orlando.  It is 5,000 square feet larger than and has an even better product selection than the Colonial Drive location.  To get to the Millenial Plaza location from downtown Orlando, take I-4 West.  At exit 78, stay in the left lane and take a left onto Conroy Rd., then take the next left onto Millenia Blvd. followed by the next left onto Millenia Plaza Way, and you will soon see the store on the right.
In 2012, Total Wine & More revamped its web site.  If you enter your local store at My Selection at the top of the page, your product search will apparently reflect what is actually in stock or on order at that location.
Total Wine & More opened their first supermarket-sized wine and liquor store in Orlando on March 29, 2007.  It is located near Fashion Square Mall at 2712 East Colonial Drive (which is between Bumby Ave. and Primrose Drive on the south side of Colonial Drive).  The store is open Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm, Fri-Sat 9am-11pm, and Sun 12pm-8pm.  A second location was opened on Oct. 6, 2011 near the Mall of Millenia at 4625 Millenia Plaza Way (next to Dick's).  In addition to wine, Total Wine & More also carries a large selection of beer and liquor at excellent prices.  Total Wine & More is the single best all-around wine and liquor store in Orlando with its huge selection (over 8,000 wines; 2,000 liquors, and 1,000 beers) and lower prices than any other store in Orlando.  Their liquor prices are about 15% to 20% lower on average than full retail which makes them about 15% to 20% lower than just about every other liquor store in central Florida!  Total Wine & More prices some of the most popular items at even higher discounts with prices barely above wholesale.  (Since Total Wine & More uses these super low-priced items to attract customers to their store who often also buy other items, some competitors claim this is bait-and-switch!  Question:  How can one call this bait-and-switch when virtually everything sold at Total Wine & More is priced much lower than the competition?)  Their wine prices are 20% to 35% lower than prices in other wine stores in central Florida!  Be sure to pick up a copy of their free Buying Guide when you stop at the store.  The Buying Guide describes many of their products and shows their prices as well.  Unless you want to go to the trouble of using the Buying Guide to try to get lower prices at your local ABC store, you may just find it easier to make the trip to this Total Wine & More store.  See our tequila page for examples of the much lower prices at Total Wine & More compared to other Orlando liquor stores--the price differences are simply stunning!  Question:  How many high-priced liquor stores will go out of business now that Total Wine & More has arrived in Orlando?  Note:  If buying a large number of items, be sure to check your receipt for incorrect double charges.  We also noticed that many prices at Total Wine & More were increased in Oct. 2007 and then again in Aug. 2008 although their prices are still lower than anywhere else in Central Florida.  Our Aug. 2008 visit noticed two changes in the store.  Some beers are now located near the wines from the same country.  Also, many $80 to $120 items that were previously only found in locked cases have now been moved to the shelves.  A Feb. 2012 visit to the Colonial Plaza store found that most of the store had been arranged with a better layout than previously.  On the negative side, we have noticed that Total Wine & More significantly overprices some high-end Cognacs.  For example, Remy Martin XO Excellence is $159.99 (which is $40 more than at B-21!). 
Available discounts:  Total Wine & More offers a 10% case discount on cases of 750 ml wine (no mixing) whose price does not end in 7.  Wines with prices ending in 7 are the most-discounted wines at Total Wine.
While establishing themselves in Orlando, Total Wine & More runs very occasional coupon specials that are published in the Orlando Sentinel; coupons also are available by signing up for their email offers (click on the link at the top left side of their web site).
Sample Liquor Price (Dec. 2011):  Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac, $159.99 (vs. $119.99 at B-21)
Sample Liquor Price (Dec. 2011):  Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, $86.99 (vs. $89.99 when available at B-21)
Sample Liquor Price (Dec. 2011):  Martell XO Cognac, $179.99 (vs. $109.99 at B-21)

Sample Liquor Price (Sept. 2010): Patron Silver Tequila (750 ml), $36.99
Sample Liquor Price (Sept. 2010): Corzo Silver Tequila, $39.99
Sample Liquor Price (Sept. 2010): Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka: $16.49
Sample Liqueur Price (Sept. 2010): Cointreau (750 ml), $28.99
Sample Wine Price (Sept. 2010): Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages, $8.97
Sample Wine Price (Sept. 2010): Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $12.97

The Vineyard at Cascades of Isleworth  This wine shop and wine bar opened in 2004 on South Apopka-Vineland Road in Orlando.
Sample Wine Price (Feb. 2006): 2004 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $16.75 

One of the best wine stores in Orlando:
The Wine Barn  The Wine Barn began as an online wine store with a temperature-controlled facility located in Orlando.  The Wine Barn opened in January 2006 and focuses on artisan-made small producer wines.  Prices are quite good (i.e., on the the low side).  The Wine Barn's site is well worth checking out.  They offer delivery in the Orlando area for only $1 for orders of $99 or higher. 
The Wine Barn opened their retail wine store with 24 hour temperature control on September 20, 2008 at 1711 33rd St., Unit 101, Orlando, FL 32839. 
News:  In November 2011, The Wine Barn opened a second location at 959 W. Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.

One of the best wine stores in Orlando:
The Wine Room on Park Avenue  The Wine Room, which is located at 270 Park Avenue South in Winter Park, opened on 2/6/06.  As of early March 2006, they carried about 1200 wines with 119 available to sample.  The Wine Room is open 7 days a week.  The Wine Room is a combination wine bar and wine store.  The have a self-serve system (you purchase a wine card and get glasses at the front counter) which allows you to sample 1 ounce or more of a huge variety of wines.  For example, you can try 1 ounce of a Chateau d'Yquem for $9.  The setting is elegant with tables and plush chairs scattered throughout the several room store.  The single bottle prices we reviewed were surprisingly reasonable with prices lower than most other wine stores in Orlando which was somewhat unexpected given what must be an expensive Winter Park location.  There is a wide selection of wines on display at all price levels.  The only thing they currently lack is a publicly available price list in print or on their web site.  The only way to tell what they have in stock is either to ask or to peruse their floor to ceiling displays.  While this is certainly a pleasant task, it does make it hard to comparison shop.  But, to be fair, very few other wine stores make it easy to review their selection off-site and, unlike many other area wine stores, it is easy to feel comfortable about The Wine Room's aggressively competitive wine pricing policy.  The Wine Room is quite a spectacular wine store and wine bar.  There is nothing quite like it anywhere else in Orlando.  This is a store not-to-be-missed if you are a wine lover!         
Sample Wine Price (March 2006): 2005 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $15.95

The Wine Warehouse of Winter Park  This Wine Warehouse, which is located on West Fairbanks in Winter Park, is part of a Florida chain of 18 stores.

World Market  The web site lets you see their latest circular when there is one.  This Cost Plus store in Sanford near Seminole Towne Center has a nice selection of very reasonably-priced wines and beers. 
Sample Wine Price (Feb. 2006): Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $15.99
Sample Wine Price (Feb. 2007): Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $14.99
Sample Wine Price (Feb. 2007): 2005 Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages, $7.99

We found some interesting comments (dated 1/8/06) on Orlando wine stores at FlyerTalk forums.

The above list includes all the Orlando area sites the editor of this site has found.


Of course, there are many places to buy wine and spirits in Orlando other than those listed above.  Whole Foods has a nice wine selection and is very strong on dessert wines.  However, their prices tend to be quite high.  For example, Lustau sherries priced in the $20s at Whole Foods can be found elsewhere in Orlando for $5 to $8 less. 

The major grocery chains in Florida often have beer and wine aisles.  Albertson's will often have an attached liquor store with a respectable selection of wine and liquor. 

The best prices in town for liquor (except for Total Wine & More which has even lower prices), although with a very limited selection, are the Costco and BJ's Club locations that have attached liquor stores.  Expect to save $5 a bottle on many of their selections over the price at ABC. 

Costco also has a surprisingly good wine selection of excellent wines at very good prices.  Costco's wines are found in the main part of their stores.  Be sure to check out the Cameron Hughes wine brand at Costco (haven't seen it at Costco in awhile; more likely to find it at Sam's Club) when it is available (see the Orlando Sentinel article).  Not all locations carry liquor products.     
Costco Sample Wine Price (Sept. 2010): 2009 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, $19.99
Costco Sample Wine Price (Sept. 2010): 2009 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $12.89
Costco Sample Wine Price (Sept. 2010): 2008 Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages, $8.99

There are also some Walmart Neighborhood Market grocery stores with attached liquor stores that have lower prices than ABC and most of the independent liquor stores.  However, you won't find much high end product there or a very wide selection.  Although pricing isn't bad (much better than other grocery stores), Total Wine & More has even lower prices.  
Sample Liqueur Price (Feb. 2006): Cointreau (750 ml): $33.34



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