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As of November 2007, the wonderful new St. Germain Elderflower liqueur can be found at B-21, Knightly Spirits, and Pat's Liquors.  As of August 2008, it was also available at Total Wine & More.  St. Germain was the hot new liqueur of 2007.  The most popular new liqueur of 2008 was Canton Ginger Liqueur.  Another favorite liqueur of ours is Chartreuse which has newfound popularity as a cocktail mixer.  We have seen some excellent cocktail recipes that include it in one of our favorite publications, Imbibe Magazine.  Check out the Last Word, for example.

An excellent site with a description of just about every liqueur you can find is Internet Wines at http://www.internetwines.com/index.html.

Review sites worth consulting are Tastings at http://www.tastings.com/search_spirits.lasso and AlcoholReviews at http://www.alcoholreviews.com/SPIRITS/index.shtml.

Excellent sites for cocktail recipes include DrinkBoy, The Spirit World, The Cocktail Chronicles, and Ardent Spirits

Our favorite independent source of information on liqueurs and all types of distilled liquors in general is The Spirit Journal, which is well worth the $49 annual subscription price.  We also love Imbibe Magazine.


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